Trainer, speaker, conference facilitator… Jody Janati has an Ed.D. degree in Organizational Leadership, and a M.A. degree in Speech Communication. During her academic career she held a number of administrative positions in higher education, taught over 10 years for the University of MN and continues to work with the MN State Prison system. She offers a variety of public and professional workshops on conflict reduction tactics and effective communication skills throughout the year. She is the author of DailyOm's best selling online class "Protect Yourself from Control Dramas and has authored five books. She is also the co-owner/publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine Twin Cities.

MN Emergency Managers
Society for Human Resource Management 2017 National Conference
Netflix, CA
University of Minnesota
CoreCivic [private prison system in the US]
Department of Corrections MN Crisis Negotiation Team
Western Union Railroad
Durango Education Summit, CO
Institute of Internal Auditors, IIA National Conference
Southwest Highschool
MAVA Conference - MN Volunteers
Chrysler MMG Group
U of MN Sign Language Interpreters Continuing Education
MN School of Business Faculty InService
Keynote Speaker at SINGLEarity Conference
MN Pet Breeders Association
Speaker at Multiple Twin Cities Business Expos
MN Insurance Adjusters
Inver Grove Heights K-12 Training
National Association of Social Workers/WV Chapter
Leaders Alliance Group
MN Venture - MN Prep
WV Hospital - Emergency Medicine and OBGYN
MN Power
St. Louis County
"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." -Socrates
 I value education and view teaching as an opportunity for me to inspire,
shape and empower others.  My teaching philosophy is aligned with the
idea that the learning environment is a vehicle for a dynamic learning
experience for facilitator and listeners alike.  I view my role as a
facilitator who both guides others to formulate questions and who
stimulates interactive learning among them.  I tend to use Socratic
questioning methods, which sparks individual creativity and invigorates
learners.  I encourage diverse vantage points and dialectic thinking
across all participants and find it very rewarding when individuals
learn from others’ experiences. I offer clear, easy, step by step
practical approaches intended to help others negotiate any roadblocks
to their personal success.  I also subscribe to the notion, "if you're
laughing, you're learning."
        Professional Development Training
        Conference Speaker
        One on One Consulting
        Professional Speaking
        Staff Training
        Keynote and Plenary Speaking