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"Step by Step Communication to 
Transform Difficult Interactions"

Got Conflict? Find your Conversation Peace.
Most people have come to accept that conflict is inevitable.  Assertive communication promotes healthy boundaries and can transform conflict during difficult conversations.  There are a number of conflict management workshops offered each year, yet rarely does the facilitator tell participants exactly what should be said or done.  The purpose of this workshop is to specifically address, "What do I say and do" when dealing with people during difficult situations to avoid destructive patterns.   Participants will learn how to control their anger and emotions, be assertive and effectively defuse conflict through a variety of applied approaches.  Multiple techniques will be discussed to demonstrate that practical solutions are attainable through a variety of step by step methods.

"Calm & Collected        Communication"   
Most professionals are faced with difficult interactions where their integrity can be compromised. Explore how to effectively communicate, especially when functioning in the role of a group facilitator and leader. Leading with your assertive voice allows you to be clear and concise across diverse audiences while maintaining a professional tone. You will learn how to balance your personal appeals and better understand how to structure a message that best suits your communication style. Step by step methods for dealing with intense conversations will also be discussed. Most people want to live their life so they can look in the mirror at the end of the day and like who they see.

"Your Guide to Effective Presentations"

Effective public speaking strategies are basic life skills and essential for most individuals.  “Say what you mean, mean what you say and shine when you say it!” The ability to speak effectively is an asset in any public or professional setting. Learn effective construction and delivery techniques to ensure your message is delivered as intended.  Apply the "STAR" formula for delivering successful presentations. Develop five star speaking skills as you learn how to Start with a solid structure, Target your topic, Appeal with authority and Realize your rapport. Learn to connect and direct your audience. Review the presentation “points to ponder” to fine tune your delivery and illuminate the room during your next speaking engagement. 

"Refrain from Giving a “Piece
of Your Mind” & Find Your
“Peace of Mind"

Most of us will unconsciously resort to a control drama to essentially “get our way with others’ during a difficult interaction.  These behaviors allow us to control them by making them pay attention to us and then elicit a certain response from them to make ourselves feel fulfilled. The drama can help affirm our self-esteem, protect our freedom and allow us to avoid being controlled. The positive feelings we gain are won at the expense of the other person and this often causes imbalance and drama in our interpersonal relationships. You will learn about common control dramas, which are often habitual, and how to best navigate them through step by step applied approaches that really work.  And with awareness, comes change.

"Move from fighting to uniting"

Most groups understand decisions need to be made and problems need to be solved. Effective group communication helps members move from debate to dialogue, which is focused on unearthing solutions. Learning the language of cooperation can help groups stay grounded in a collaborative approach. Drama free interactions allow group trust to grow. Learn step by step techniques to set healthy boundaries with others so groups can stay on the "grow" and use messages that support a cohesive group environment. Have confidence to bring up an issue and ensure it gets solved. “It’s right to collaborate right because it’s right.”

"Forgive or Relive"

Drama free communication starts with you. The way you talk to yourself directly impacts how you both behave and interact with others.  Examine how your self-talk often creates more drama in your life than is necessary.  Learn to reframe your destructive thoughts into solutions based thinking.  Control your thoughts or they will control you. Explore strategies to help change your negative thoughts and go from “you stress” [bad stress] to “eustress” [good stress]. Understand how thoughts affect reality and how to work through your anger, fear and stress.

   "Inspired Interaction & Inquiry"

One on one consulting is available. Sessions are individually catered to you and your needs. Subjects may range from basic communication strategies to very specific personal topics.  Contact Jody directly to set up a meeting time/place.
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